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About SHD Group

With SHD Cash, we continue to provide you the opportunities of earning money with our perfect road map.

With the understanding of “Trust and Quality”, as SHD Group, we aim to provide alternative payment styles and different definition to crypto currency world. Our token which has been created within the infrastructure of TRC20 (500M total supply), bringing great opportunities to our customers. Being the part of our lending system that is running for almost 1 year and having thousands of investors, with our new token, we will continue our way by growing and adding more and more success everyday.

In our lending system, with the current exchange rates, we have done the earning payment more than 12 M USD. We have active 3500 customers in our Lending system. We have targeted to sell 300 M token before the listing on the exchanges, and %40 of SHD Cash supply has already been sold in 10 days and achieved a great success.

First phase sales (OTC) rates was 0.09 TRX, Private sales was 0.095 TRX and Soft Cap sales was 0.1 TRX. We are proud to announce that we have finished all those sales successfully. Hard Cap sales for SHD Cash is active with the rate of 0.25 Trx.

As SHD Group, we have finished the sale of more than 270 M token. As of 5 February 2021, Staking SHD cash will be available. As of 1 March 2021, SHD Cash will be listed in the world’s most important exchanges. The future is in your hands…

SHD Cash
Earning Is Not a Dream Anymore


Will move on way with thousands of investors

“Accumulate people, not coins”

“More than a token”

Road Map

SHD Group establishment and what to do next

Q1 2020

SHD Group Establishment

Q2 2020

Ecosystem R&D Research

Q2 2020

Stake/Swap/Wallet Services activated

Q3-Q4 2020

SHD Cash ecosystem R&D Research has been completed. Contract has been created and SHDC created on TRC20 network.

Q1 2021

ICO startup

Q1 2021

SHD Cash Stake Startup

Q1 2021

First stock market listing

Q2 2021

Stock market listings

2021 Q2

Beginning of Discussions about Sponsorhips

2021 Q2

Market Investigations about DeFi Project

2021 Q2

Listing in one of the Top 10 Exchanges

2021 Q3

DeFi Presales

2021 Q3

Completion of Sponsorship Agreements

2021 Q3

Market Investigations For the Token To Be Used As a Payment Tool

2021 Q4

Market Investigations To Create Our Own Network

2021 Q4

Market Investigations To Build Up Our Own Exchange


Very Soon


SHD Group platforms…


Wondering about SHD Cash;

By using Stake/Wallet Bot, swapping Btc, Eth, Ltc, Doge, Trx, Dash, Dgb and Rdd to SHD Cash, you may buy our token.

Following below link Or simply searching for @shdcompany_bot from Telegram and by using the Swap option from the bot.

You may hold your SHD Cash in any wallet that supports TRC infrastructure as well as SHD Co Wallet.

Total supply for SHD Cash is 500.000.000. %80 - 400m supply will be provided to users. %0.2 - 1m supply will the used as Airdrop. %19.8 - 99m will be The Team's fund.

Of course. You can stake your tokens at rates determined through exchanges.

Contact Us

If you have any problems, please feel free to ask.

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